Bed Bath and Beyond Fabric Coupon Envelopes

Bed bath and beyond coupon envelope by Yukishop

We were asked to make a fabric envelope that fits Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. The customer got to pick out the fabrics and this gift will be going out for Christmas! She picked gorgeous Japanese fabrics. We love custom orders! We have some ideas about how to use these envelopes, but this was a new one!

Bed bath and beyond coupon envelope by Yukishop
And here's a view of the inside fabric.


Custom chef hats - Holiday chef hats

Chef hats come with either a hachimaki headband or matching scarf.

Here's one of the holiday chef hats we made custom for a Japanese restaurant. Matching candy cane scarf and headband.


Owl Towel Hangers

An owl to watch over your towel. Cute and practical.
Available in our shop at cynla.etsy.com.


Fabric envelopes

Yukishop fabric envelopes are perfect for photos, cards, and personal letters. Papers won't get lost in a sea of paper in this pretty pouch! Size and fabrics can be customized.