Holiday Wine bottle gift bags

Bring one with your favorite wine to your holiday gathering this year!
Wine bottles are available in red, green or white fabrics for the holidays. Comes with a paper santa ornament.

Origami Tree

New for this year are origami trees! Comes already decorated with cute paper santa and crane ornaments. Perfect for any room.


Wine Bottle Gift Bags!

These are perfect to bring to a holiday party, housewarming, for a new baby or a congrats. Can be customized for your favorite wine drinker! Has pockets along the bottom to include a card - comes with a free matching Cheers gift card.


Tapestries Galore

These are some of the favorite things my mom makes. The first one is a flower tapestry which has a 3D fabric flower on the bottom (in white). The second is a house-themed mail pocket complete with an owl couple on top. - Cindy


Chef Hats!

These chef hats were created for a Japanese hibachi restaurant. Custom-made, matching ties and scarfs. Also did a themed batch of holiday ones for Halloween and Christmas.


New Jewelry Bags!

If you don't see something you like, please ask! We can create any color combinations. Don't know what you want? Yuki is great at choosing colors based on your style: sophisticated, modern, "girly," cute, holiday, etc.


2009 was a busy year!

Hot items this year were minibags, holiday wine bottle gift bags and of course, jewelry bags! We're looking forward to 2010 and more exciting projects!